The Success Through Chess Curriculum



Unlike many “chess” programs that merely teach the basics, our comprehensive instructional program is scaffolded with beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.


The difference between programs that teach the basics and our program is like the difference between knowing how to decode words and actually being able to actually read for comprehension.


Our Curriculum has been designed and developed by Andrew Svehaug, a Former U.S. Scholastic Chess Champion who has trained multiple State and National Champions. It intentionally does not include a direct tie to Math/English Language Arts because, while a tie may appear to make the program more marketable, it would dilute the integrity of the chess content and compromise the manner in which the curriculum complements the core subjects.


Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy (below) demonstrates the different stages in learning, with the goal of developing the ability to evaluate—which is closely related to critical thinking and creative thinking skills.


Unlike many other programs, our curriculum does not stop at knowledge or comprehension, but is designed to take students up to the highest levels of Blooms Taxonomy, thereby imparting the Higher Order Thinking Skills that come through the systematic study of chess.




Our program is designed to allow students to become very good at chess, which is crucial in helping them to receive the benefits of Chess.



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