Satellite Program

Our Satellite Program is available to English-Speaking schools worldwide.


This solution enables schools to:


-Experience an Easy Implementation

Our model allows classes to be scheduled at your convenience (before, after, or during school), and can be facilitated in any classroom or Multi-Purpose Room.


-Utilize the Success Through Chess Curriculum

This comprehensive curriculum is scaffolded with levels catered to targeted outcomes such as: Learning to play chess autonomously, successfully managing different amounts of time, notating and reviewing games using the algebraic notation system, playing chess blindfolded using the same algebraic notation system, communicate and collaborate effectively with partners while playing Chess Doubles- to name a few.


-Include More Students in Chess Education

Oftentimes, due to budgeting or time constraints, only a small group of fortunate students from a school have the opportunity to participate in a chess program. Our affordable pricing allows schools to offer the program school-wide.


-Create a Chess-oriented, high-level thinking culture

We supply our sites with the chess equipment (boards, sets, cases, and clocks) necessary for class- which are durable and can be used during recesses, lunch times, as well as after-school child-care programs. We also supply our schools with trophies, medals, and ribbons for a tournament at the end of the year.


-Train Multiple Facilitators through Site Visits

We visit our sites and train their facilitator(s) three times throughout the first year. Two the second, and once ongoing from then on. The last site visit each year is to assist and run the end of the year Chess tournament to which other schools who have our program can be invited. This facilitates a district-wide, competitive, high-achieving culture.



Our wealth of experience, research, and creative energy allows our sites the flexibility of being able to fully customize facilitation.


-Have Access to Caring and Competent Support

Ongoing support is available to facilitators and administration throughout the duration of the program.


This special program uses chess as an educational tool to teach students 21st Century Skills. Pricing is dependent upon each site’s specific needs. For pricing or more information about the Satellite Program, contact us today.