Role Models

Success Through Chess Role Models
Because students desperately need positive role models.



We’re not just chess players. We make a point, with every instructor we hire and train, to ensure that we only work with those who are not only qualified, but who are enthusiastic about making a difference in student’s lives. We hire ladies and gentlemen whom parents are excited to have mentoring their kids.


We make it cool to be smart. Our instructors dress professionally for every class. They encourage students to do their homework, to read more often, and to get good grades in school. Kids are imitative. So we provide positive, intelligent, and caring role models for them to emulate.


We teach life skills. When we bring Success Through Chess to a school, our goal is not just to develop an excellent chess team or program. Our goal is to use chess as a medium with which to impart life skills. Patience. Thinking ahead. Logic. Sportsmanship. Teamwork. These lessons and more are tied into what it takes to be a great chess player. We use students’ desire to win to fuel them through lessons that are often difficult to teach in other settings.


“We love having our child in chess club and can not say enough about the instructors. They are wonderful young men and good role models.”


-Parent, Sonrise Christian School, Covina, CA




Whether you offer a Fully-Staffed Program with Role Models in person, or a Satellite Program with Role Models in the instructional videos, our desire is for your students to become inspired to reach their potential.