Full year. In order for our program to be most effective, as chess takes patience and repetition to teach, and the benefits only truly begin after students have mastered the basics, we advise and prefer offering a full-year program.

We sometimes offer half-year or 8-week starter programs to new schools- especially those who learn about our program in the middle of the school year.



We have taught students as young as preschool. While we know that chess is a game for all ages, our focus is on the elementary and middle school grades (K-8).



Achievement Level


We believe that chess is not just for the gifted, but that chess makes kids gifted. You can use this program for any achievement level, as it will challenge your gifted students and be appropriate for your at-risk students as well. Research compiled by Dr. Robert Ferguson from various chess programs has revealed many administrators who have seen chess benefit their at-risk students and thus share this position:


“I see students able to attend to something for more than an hour and a half. I am stunned. Some of them could not attend to things for more than 20 minutes.” -Jo Bruno, Principal, P.S. 189


“Many students who have been experiencing problems, particularly in mathematics and reading, sometimes demonstrate remarkable progress after learning chess.” -Dr. Calvin F. Deyermond, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction for the North Tonawanda City School District


Our Two Primary Program Models


Satellite Program (available to schools anywhere)
Fully-Staffed Program (available to schools in Southern California)