“Thank you, as well, for all you did for our students. I would really like to have the opportunity to have you and your team here again.”

-Lorrie Buehler, Principal, Baldy View Elementary, Upland, CA


“Washington offered a weekly chess class through Andrew Svehaug and the American Chess Institute… it was successful and we enjoyed working with him.”

-Jeanine Robertson, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, Charter Oak Unified School District, Glendora, CA


“Andrew Svehaug … is charismatic, creative, and has a rare ability to understand children and motivate them toward excellence. Andrew’s involvement with our students and the [program] that we have been able to begin with his help have been of inestimable benefit to our school.”

-Anne Van Fossen, Administrator, St. John of Damascus Academy, Santa Barbara, CA


“I am amazed at the progress of our students. We can honestly say that our team competes at the national level!”

-Robert Gutzwiller, Superintendent, Foothill Christian Schools, Glendora, CA




“Every school should have you at their campus. You all have been fantastic!”

Janece Boyd, Teacher, Edward Fitzgerald Elementary, Rialto, CA


“…truly a great program… my own kids have been participating in it for the past four years.”

Carolyn Fehn, Teacher, Upland Christian Academy, Upland, CA




“There is a level of maturity in my kids that is [now] above the rest of those in their classes.”

-Jeanette Robles, Parent of 3 chess students, West Covina, CA


“Andrew, I love your passion, your knowledge, and your amazing personality. It’s obvious you love teaching these kids, and your respect for them is so incredibly rare… thank you for all your time and effort. And honestly, I feel my life has been enriched by knowing you.”

-Mark Galbraith, Parent, Santa Barbara Invitational, Santa Barbara, CA


“We know that the techniques he has learned to be successful in Chess will carry over into how he approaches problem-solving in general. We are so happy to have been a part of such an amazing program… Thank you!!”

-Rhonda Suematsu, Parent, Cullen Elementary, Glendora, CA


“This is a wonderful program! Their approach to teaching chess is unique, in that, even though the class is a group setting, each child receives personal attention and moves up individually. It is so nice to see my child’s mind being exercised in a way that is unlike any classroom experience; you can literally see the thoughtful strategic moves being planned out mentally, and then executed with confidence. The instructors are very knowledgeable and conscientious, as well as, kind and patient with the children.”

-Parent, Glendora, CA


“This is my son’s first year attending the chess club and he absolutely loved it! I believe that extra curricular activities play a vital role in the mental and social development of children. This program has encouraged my son to exercise his critical thinking, to challenge himself… I enjoy this program, and most importantly my son does too. Thank you!”

-Sharon Montoya, Parent, Baldy View Elementary, Upland, CA